Eyebrows frame the face and this determines how are facial features are seen by others. The shape and location of the eyebrows is important because it can give us a more youthful appearance. Eyebrows can enhance the eyes and cheekbones. Permanent eyebrows help women and men whose eyebrows are light in color, thin, or nonexistent.

People with eyebrow loss from over tweezing, alopecia, waxing, scarring,chemotherapy and other medical conditions can benefit from this procedure it eliminates the need to continually use powders or pencils to fill-in or reshape the brows. Eyebrow shape, thickness and symmetry can be corrected to enhance your overall appearance. Pigment color will be chosen according to personal preference and clients skin tones, hair and eye color.

Before the appointment:

Any tweezing or waxing should be completed one week before the procedure to minimize irritation.

Call for a free consultation today and bring your favorite eyebrow pencil or powder with you to the appointment.


PermanentTechniques also provides Permanent Makeup Training and the class timings are extremely flexible i.e. you decide the time of your classes. All trainees are provided with the certification on completion.
All Pigments used are Iron Oxide Free. Serving Bryan/College Station And surrounding areas.