Lash Perming & Coloring


Eyelash Perming

An innovative way to keep lashes curled without the daily hassle. Now you can open and enlarge the look of your eyes without the need for eyelash curlers. Lash perming gives you a more youthful appearance, particularly if your eyelids are beginning to droop. It uses gentle perming solution designed for use near the eye, slim flexible rollers, and is very comfortable and safe. Lashes remain curled all day and night, in and out of water. In fact, they often stay curled for 2-3 months. This is an excellent, cost-effective alternative solution for those who are not good candidates for eyelash extensions. Often times, this procedure is an excellent compliment to permanent makeup eyeliner.

Eyelash Tinting

This is an excellent compliment to lash perming and is often done during the same sitting. Women with multi-colored, blonde, red, or various brown shades of lashes opt for lash tinting. Creates the look of wearing mascara without the mess – and of course it’s waterproof! The process takes roughly 30 minutes. Women who are not good candidates for lash extensions often choose to perm and tint instead. Many women also choose this as an addition to their permanent makeup.

PermanentTechniques also provides Permanent Makeup Training and the class timings are extremely flexible i.e. you decide the time of your classes. All trainees are provided with the certification on completion.
All Pigments used are Iron Oxide Free. Serving Bryan/College Station And surrounding areas.