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Permanent Cosmetic


Choose from three different types of Eyebrows. Either a solid look for a more well defined dramatic style, a feathered, powdered, natural look by creating a soft powder of color under your natural hair, or individual hair look using more than one color so it has the 3 dimensional look. Tired of drawing in your brows? If the answer is yes, then choose which brow you prefer and your pencil will be a thing of the past.

Price List
Eyebrows $475
(Hairstrokes, Machine or Manual)  

Choose either an Eyelash Enhancement, an Eyeliner or French Eyeliner. First, an Eyelash Enhancement is the application of pigment to the lash line which give she appearance of definite line or more subtle shadow in the lashes. This procedure can be for those that do not wear much makeup but still wants some definition to their eyes. Secondly, my Eyeliners include a Lash Enhancement and can be thin, subtle or thicker, bold, the choice is yours. This procedure will definitely enhance your eyes. Many colors to choose from instead of just black. Lastly, the French Eyeliner has become very popular. Choose any two colors for either a thin soft, subtle effect or a thick more dramatic look, either one of them will definitely enhance your eyes.

Price List
($275 for extra thick)
($275 for extra thick)
Eyeliner(upper and lower)
($500 for extra thick)
French Eyeliner (top only – two colors)
($375 for extra thick)
French Eyeliner & Eyeliner (top and bottom liner)
($575 for extra thick)
Mucosal Eyeliner/Wet Liner $350

Choose either a Lip Liner or Full Lip Color (with or without liner). A Lip Liner will improve both your lips and your shape by giving you the appearance of more full, sensual lips. No more lipstick bleeding or reapplying lip liner throughout the day. A Full Lip Color will give you a look of fullness all day, everyday. No need to reapply lipstick anymore, just gloss if you choose! You get to choose any color you want, bring your preferred lip liner or lipstick and I will match it. Now you can wake up with lipliner or lip color everyday!!

Price List
Lip Liner $450
Full Lips (one color – no liner) $600
Full Lips (two colors – w/liner) $675

An absolutely natural beauty mark may be placed wherever you desire. Size, shape, and color are all chosen by you to create the look you desire.

Price List
Beauty Mark $50

Para Medical Procedures


Are you a candidate? Call for a consultation and find out more about specialty techniques to enhance your breasts after Augmentation, Breast Reduction, Mastectomy, Breast Lift or Nipple Replacement.

Price List
One Areola $300
Both Areolas $500
Para Medical
(Vitiligo, Scar Camouflaging, Stretch Marks)
Dermal Reconstruction Therapy

A technique used for reducing the appearance of wrinkles, fine lines, sun spots, laser scaring, stretchmarks, acne scars, chicken pox scars, pitting in the skin from pimples or injuries, surgical scars, or hypopigmented areas. Skin needling is for all areas of the body.

This treatment is the needling combined with three other powerful facials treatments in one Galvanic, L.E.D. therapy and C.I.T
like getting a lifestyle facelift!
Treatments can be repeated at 2-4 week intervals depending on the desired results and the condition of the skin.

Price List
Dermal Reconstruction Therapy
(limited time)
Lash Perming

An innovative way to keep lashes curled without the daily hassle. Now you can open and enlarge the look of your eyes without the need for eyelash curlers.

Price List
perm $45.00
Lash Color

Creates the look of wearing mascara without the mess – and of course it’s waterproof!

Price List
Coloring $40.00
​Eye Lash Extensions $175
up $125
Touch Up

Any procedure that has been performed by another technician and needs a “touch up” will be charged at FULL PRICE.

Price List
(must be done previously by Rachel Stroup & no longer then 90days after first application )

PermanentTechniques also provides Permanent Makeup Training and the class timings are extremely flexible i.e. you decide the time of your classes. All trainees are provided with the certification on completion.
All Pigments used are Iron Oxide Free. Serving Bryan/College Station And surrounding areas.