Common reasons for tattoo removal & corrections


Many of the clients in my practice request the removal of another persons name or initials, divorce or the break up of a relationship being the main factor.
Some branches of the military will not accept recruits with tattoos that are visible, demanding their removal before acceptance into the service.
Some employers will not hire you if you have a tattoo in an obvious area.
Eyebrows that are too long or not even or Lipliner that is too thick.

Corrective work is offered for those who have had a not-so-great experience with permanent makeup. Unfortunately, inexperienced artists can end up with clients that have browns that turn pink, orange or purple; or black that turn blue or even lips that turn purple. Dissatisfaction with your permanent makeup is often the result of inexperience in color mixing technique, poor design, and a numerous of other reasons.

PermanentTechniques also provides Permanent Makeup Training and the class timings are extremely flexible i.e. you decide the time of your classes. All trainees are provided with the certification on completion.
All Pigments used are Iron Oxide Free. Serving Bryan/College Station And surrounding areas.